Faith and Friends Preschool Center

Faith and Friends Preschool Center is a faith based preschool program which empowers children through play based and hands on learning experiences that foster creativity collaboration critical thinking skills self awareness empathy problem solving skills communication skills physical development and more We believe learning should be fun, engaging, and adaptable. The preschool is located inside EPC.

More information on our Preschool Center:

At Faith and Friends we are so much more than a grade school prep program. We genuinely care for your child and make it our mission to take a holistic approach to learning. We go the extra mile to make sure each child feels successful, cared for and valued. We aspire to nurture good students but more importantly good people to lead the next generation with a caring and Christian heart.
Our program provides a faith based, hands on, active and individualized learning experience to ensure your child is prepared for kindergarten and the world.
We follow the Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood Pre-Kindergarten and use a blend of Teaching Trailblazers and  Pocket of Preschool Curriculum along with The Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Curriculum for pre-reading.

For more information, visit our website or Facebook page or call the preschool office at 570-672-7110.
Enrollment is on a rolling basis and waitlists are available to join at anytime.